Terms & Conditions


About the Refunds for the Buy button:

From now on the refunds for the payments made through our new paypal “BUY button” are on the hands of Paypal, you can skip straight to them and we do all that we’ll can to ensure you get the 100% of your money back. If you have any doubt you can read to the paypal conditions.

The new paypal buy button protects you even from your own mistakes with the money back guarantee of Paypal, for potential customers who had doubts about our payment system through a donation button, now they don't have any excuses or At least they have one less excuse to enjoy our services.This is just a small change of the many we are willing to do in order to provide a better service to our users.

About the Refunds for the Donation button:

We refund 100% of what we received, that is, that we can not return the receipt fee that Paypal  discounts us around 5% + 0.30 USD Therefore you will receive approximately 90% of your money provided that the following condition are met:

1- The task has not been sent on time or not sent at all

2- The website reserves the right of admission, our moderators and employees will decide if they accept or not the requests for tasks sent by users, all this in favor of the efficiency of our platform and our policy of only delivering quality work.

Any payment made without proper approval by email or Facebook message from our team, will be interpreted as a donation and will not be refunded.

Therefore users must wait for their request to be accepted after sending their Homework Request, the notification will be received by the aforementioned means.

3 - If you obtained a value far from the maximum rating given to your task, you must present a photo of or some other digital graphic evidence material and it will be reimbursed in a percentage according to the qualification obtained.

4 - You will have 21 days since the date we deliver your Homework to ask for a refund, we will not attend to any refund request made after that period of time