Frequently Asked Questions


How safe is using this site in terms of privacy?

The privacy of our customers is one of our highest priorities, all of the contacts are made by third party tools and we are constantly developing and trying new ways and tools in order to preserve the confidentiality of our activities and the privacy of our clients. By now we are making contacts through google forms and the PM’s of our facebook page.


Why do you use a Subdomain?

Obviously it’s a beta version of the website and at the beginning I didn’t have enough money to pay a private domain, but that’s about to change thanks to you guys.

Why Google forms?

They are free and safest than a stylish self made form with java or php code hosted on the server of this page, that’s the main reason security. Otherwise if a huge company like Huawei uses google forms for a giveaway of their latest phone sponsoring the biggest youtuber, who are we to say no to google forms.



Can I pay with my Local currency?

No directly. We have customers  all over the world.  We accept payments through paypal, skrill, bitcoin, uphold etc so the answer is yes as long as the e-wallet allows the conversion or exchange of your currency, you can pay us from USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and all Europe as well.       

Why did you remove the "pay now" paypal button from the payments tab?

We'll continue accepting payments through paypal and the decision to remove the button was 100% unilateral on our part since when we added new payment methods not all of them had a purchase button (basically only paypal and bitcoin had one) so we decided to retire all and send the link to the button via email or send the respective payment request for the ewallet chosen by the user.

Can I get my Money Back ?

Whenever you feel Disappointed with our work you have the right to raise your voice and Hit our Refund button on the footer of our web and fill the refunds form, so yes you can have your money back . That button is something that we spect that never be used, but unfortunately humans make mistakes like taking orders that they can't deliver on time by different circumstances, thats the main reason of the few refunds we have made until now.