We're still under development (obviously we have a lot of work to do), I'm not the best web developer, but my team and I are qualified to solve your Assignments, you can have that for sure and if we ever fail you have our refunds system.

At the time we are trying to cover Math, Algebra, Physics, Chemistry, Calculus, Precal Homework and assignments, Essays and Reports writing, Power point presentations and Excel tasks all this for any education level, but as we said before, the requests submition it's for free so you just make your request and if we are not able to get your work done for whatever reason, we will let you know as we always do.

This website started as a gig on my fiverr account , when I was finishing my Last semester as student of Agronomic Engineering (or agricultural Engineering however you call it in your zone). Anyway I am a Venezuelan “almost Engineer” of one of the top 50 Institutions according to the Times Higher Education ranking 2017 the "Universidad Central de Venezuela".

The things was going well with the gig on fiverr because of the safety that bring up their name and their brand to the customers, but unfortunately for me that gig was against the rules of Fiverr so they decided to take down the gig, but just that, and I was really Bummed about it because I knew that fiverr was going to take it down at some point.

The site have grown fast and I have to hire people with other expertise areas in order to provide more services and I still need more people to provide even more and better services so If you are Interested you can go and PM us on any of our social networks below.